Full Process List

The Full Process List page gives you an overview of all the processes in the application available to you. To open the page, click Processes in the Axon Ivy Portal menu.


On the Full Process List page, you see a list of all processes. They are sorted alphabetically and grouped by their initial character. Express workflows are described in detail in Axon Ivy Express.


  1. Search for a process, input your keyword here

  2. Express workflow icon

  3. External link icon

  4. Change view mode

Process Display Mode

The Full Process List provides three modes to display the process list. By default, Image mode is activated. To change the default process display mode in My Profile.

Image Mode



To change the default image of processes, change the Portal setting Portal.Processes.DefaultImage.

See Values of Portal Setting Portal.Processes.DefaultImage.

Grid Mode


Compact Mode


To find a specific process, search by keywords in the search field (top left below the home icon in the image above). The search will look in process names, process descriptions and process categories, then filter the process list accordingly.


Don’t confuse the process search with the global Axon Ivy Portal search which you find in the header area of the Portal.

To start a new instance of a process, select the process in the list. We call this instance a case. After you finish your activities in the case, you will be re-directed to the Dashboard, not to the Full Process List.

Values of Portal Setting Portal.Processes.DefaultImage

  1. You could refer to project portal-developer-examples for examples.

  2. Start Process PhotoLibraryOfDefaultProcessImageExample


HowTo: Edit process icon in Image mode

  1. Click on more menu item in the process card item.

  2. Click on edit-icon Edit menu item.

  3. The dialog Edit process information is opened.

  4. Click on the link Change besides the current icon.

  5. The dialog Selecting icon is opened, and choose new icon.

  6. Press on Save button, and process icon is changed

    edit-process-menu-item edit-process-icon-dialog