Axon Ivy Portal

Axon Ivy Portal is the centerpiece for your daily work with the applications you or your company implemented using Axon Ivy. With a web-based, modern interface, the Portal provides you with key functionalities on all your devices:

  • Access your applications and start new cases

  • Manage and fulfill tasks assigned to you or your roles

  • Understand what is going on by using on-the-spot statistics and historic data on all your cases and tasks

  • Improve your Axon Ivy Portal experience and efficiency through the built-in customization options

This document provides you – as a business user – with a comprehensive overview of the Axon Ivy Portal, its features and functionalities.


The look and feel shown in the screenshots of this document, as well as the features presented are part of the standard Axon Ivy Portal. However, the Axon Ivy Portal is highly configurable, thus, the Portal of your company might have a different look and feel, and some features might be disabled by your administrator.

To start your Axon Ivy Portal experience, open the link provided by your administrator in a web browser. The Axon Ivy Portal will ask you to enter your login credentials.



Depending on your infrastructure, you might be automatically logged in using single-sign-on (SSO). In this case, you will be forwarded directly to the Axon Ivy Portal Dashboard.

If the Ivy Security System is used, you can click on Forgot my password to reset it.

After successful login, you will see the Axon Ivy Portal Homepage and your personal dashboard. All your activities can be managed from this central entry point. The Portal Homepage has the following elements:

  1. The Axon Ivy Portal header at the top is always visible and provides you with a global search field, key information about the Portal and options to configure your personal user account. See Portal Header for details.


  2. The menu on the left side is always visible and gives you access to all processes, cases, tasks and other features of the Axon Ivy Portal. If the menu is minimized, hover over the menu to enlarge it. You may permanently enlarge the menu by clicking on the pin-icon icon in the top left hand corner.


  3. In the center, you see your personal dashboard providing you access to your processes, cases, tasks and performance indicators. See Dashboard for a detailed description.