User menu


The user menu is configurable. The user can add, remove and edit user items.

These types of user items are available:

  • Open external link

  • Start Ivy Process

  • Start the Portal Express process

You can predefine user menu items and details of each item by configuring variable Portal.UserMenu.

Define Your Own User Menu

Portal supports multiple configurable user items. They will be displayed below the default user item.

You can predefine user item id, title, permissions to see, and URL for each user item.


Below is a JSON example for the configuration of user items.

        "id" : "axon-ivy",
        "title" : "Axon Ivy",
        "permissions": ["#demo"],
        "url" : ""
        "id" : "express",
        "title" : "Portal Express process",
        "permissions": ["Everybody"],
        "url" : "Portal Express process"
        "id" : "re-order-dashboard",
        "titles": [
            "locale": "en",
            "value": "Reorder your dashboards"
            "locale": "de",
            "value": "Dashboards neu anordnen"
        "permissions": ["Employee", "AXONIVY_PORTAL_ADMIN", "#daniel"],
        "url": "Start Processes/ExamplePortalStart/DashboardReorder.ivp",
        "params": {

Structure of JSON for each user item:

id: ID of the user item

titles: multilingual title of user item.

permissions: users and roles that can see the user item.


If you don’t define permissions for a user item, every user can see it.

url: the URL of the external webpage, Ivy process start, or the name of the Portal Express process you want to redirect to.


Ivy process start URLs are a relative link to the process.

  • e.g: Start Processes/CreateTestData/CreateTestDataForCustomizedDashboard.ivp

Express process start URLs are the name of the Portal Express process.

  • e.g: Portal Express process

params: parameters for the Ivy process defined above. Each parameter can be defined as a key-value pair as follows:

  • key : name of the parameter for the Ivy process.

  • value: predefined value for the parameter.


Params are not required if the URL denotes an external webpage or an Express process.