Portal Header

Axon Ivy Portal header is always visible. On the top right of the header you find two useful features:

  1. Name of the user you’re logged in with. Additionally, if you click on your username you get a menu with options that allow you to configure the Axon Ivy Portal to your personal needs. See User Settings in the Axon Ivy Portal for a detailed overview of the configuration options.

  2. Next to your username is a search-icon Search Bar providing you with a portal-wide search. This feature is described in detail in Global Search.


User Settings in the Axon Ivy Portal

When you click on your username in the top right of the Axon Ivy Portal, a menu is shown allowing you to configure the Portal to your personal needs. These features are described in the following sections below.

Admin Settings

Menu entry Admin Settings is only available for users have role AXONIVY_PORTAL_ADMIN.

My profile

Menu entry My Profile contains general setting, user language and email settings.

Dashboard Configuration

Menu entry Dashboard Configuration contains dashboards settings, grant either 🔑DashboardWriteOwn or 🔑DashboardWritePublic to allow a user to define dashboard settings either for their own private dashboards or public dashboards, respectively.


Menu entry Absences provides you with an absence management component. Here you can enter your absence and define delegate for tasks assigned to you or one of the roles you hold.


Although you can specify delegates for a role you hold, we recommend specifying only delegates for tasks assigned personally to you. Roles are normally held by a group of users, so if you’re absent one of your role members is still able to pick the task.


The dialog shows you all current and upcoming absences. You may show also past absences by activating the option Show absences in the past. Furthermore, you can edit or delete absences by using the edit-icon Edit or trash-icon Delete action in the row of the respective absence.

HowTo: Add absence

  1. Click on the button Add absence

  2. The Add absence dialog is opened

  3. Enter From and To

  4. You may provide an explanatory comment

  5. Confirm your absence by clicking button Save



Grant either permission 🔑UserCreateOwnAbsence or 🔑UserCreateAbsence to allow a user to create own, personal absences or public absences, respectively.

HowTo: Set substitute

  1. You see a list with 2 entries for your personal tasks and for each role you hold.

    For each role, you can choose multiple substitutes.

    For your personal tasks, you can choose multiple substitutes and there are two types of substitute:

    • Permanent substitutes for personally assigned tasks.

    • Substitutes for personally assigned tasks during the absence.

    A substitute can only belonged to one type.

  2. Specify substitutes by clicking on link ends with si-notes-quill.

  3. Confirm your substitutes with the button Save.



Grant either permission 🔑UserCreateOwnSubstitute or 🔑UserCreateSubstitute to allow a user to create their own substitute definitions or create substitute definitions for all users, respectively.

Change Password

The menu entry Change password allows you to set a new password.



The menu entry Info provides you with detailed information about the Axon Ivy Engine, the Axon Ivy Portal and your company’s application. You might be asked for this information in case you issue a support request.



The menu entry Logout will terminate your session in the Axon Ivy Portal. You’ll be routed back to the login page of the Axon Ivy Portal.


The Axon Ivy Portal will also do an automatic logout if you’re inactive for a certain amount of time.