Here, we present solutions to some of the most common problems related to the Axon Ivy Portal.

If you can’t find your solution here there are some other sources which could help:

  • Community

    The Community contains a considerable amount of questions and answers related to Axon Ivy Designer and Engine.

  • Stack Overflow

    Problems related to common technologies like Java, JSF, Primefaces are answered on the web, e.g. on Stack Overflow.

  • Support

    You can get support via (support may be subject to charging, depending on your licence agreement).

Portal Installation with Reverse Proxy

If you install the Portal in an environment that uses a reverse proxy (Nginx, IIS or Apache httpd), you have to define the proxy in the Axon Ivy Engine configuration.

Update Default Pages

If you copy PortalStart.p.json to your project for customization, you need to follow this chapter to customize the default pages in your designer and engine: Default Pages

For example, if you start with the default settings:

  DefaultPages: com.axonivy.portal:portal

and your Portal project has a different package and name, such as: com.example:customizedPortal, then you have to change the configuration as shown below:

  DefaultPages: com.example:customizedPortal